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Living in the Zone
A lifestyle

Living in the Zone

Remember the Zone is not a diet but a lifestyle that need only be followed 75% of the time to reap the rewards of wellness by controlling hormones. 

Living in the Zone can be described as “twenty-first-century medicine” by “letting food be your medicine and letting medicine be your food”.

The following lifestyle modifications are pretty good hormonal strategies that can help one to live in the Zone and reduce stress by lowering cortisol production:

1. Clearwater Fish Oil CapsulesSupplementing with pharmaceutical grade fish oil.  Remember this will only take approximately fifteen seconds per day.
2. Controlling insulin levels by making intelligent choices when eating Zone meals and snacks.  Balancing protein with primarily vegetables and fruit by using the hand-eye method can help one achieve this.
3. Moderate exercise.  Remember that one need only expend 2,000 calories a week.  After that the benefits will decrease and aging will increase.
4. YogaMeditation.  This can be in the form of relaxation ie taking up a hobby, taking a nice leisurely walk and stopping and smelling the roses, having quiet time or practicing yoga.


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