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How to Survive Holiday Eating

The holidays are an exciting time for most people but the consequences of too much partying can take its toll, especially on the waist line.  Some North Americans can gain anywhere from 5-10 lbs.; however, one can still enjoy the holidays and stay in the Zone with a little pre-planning.

Exercise is a great way to get through a holiday season and will help burn extra calories.  I have even got up early Christmas morning to go for a power walk to give my metabolism a kick start.

Always eat a small Zone snack prior to going to a party!

At the party, try and stick with wine spritzers or vodka and soda and balance off each drink with protein. 
Usually there are lots of hors de oeuvres at a party (ie grilled shrimp, chicken fingers, cheese, etc.). 
When eating dinner at the party avoid the rolls, potatoes or any starchy food.  I usually order Caesar salad, fish or chicken and always finish off with dessert (my weakness).  However I would rather have the dessert for my carbs while others may enjoy wine.  It's all a matter of trading off.

All the running around at holiday time can affect one’s stress levels which in turn can affect our immune systems.  Remember to take your pharmaceutical grade fish oil!

Holiday season eating Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner
can be quite a challenge!
Here are some tips to help on the actual day...
Start your day off with a Zone snack and some exercise.
After exercising eat a morning brunch that will give excellent hormonal for at least 5 hours.  An example of a 3 block breakfast would be a 6-egg white omelette cooked in 2 tsp. olive oil followed with 1 cup slow cooking oatmeal. 
If having an afternoon drink make sure it is balanced with protein.
When eating dinner use the eye ball method  ie 1/3 plate white turkey breast (treat dark meat sparingly) and 2/3 plate carbohydrates.  Fill most of your plate with low glycemic carbs ie green beans.  A little mashed potatoes with gravy and dressing can be added for the unfavourables (no more than 25-33%).  Avoid the rolls.  Remember this is only your first round!

sweetsMy downfall is usually all the heavily laden sweet treats after the Christmas meal.  This is when I can totally blow my whole Zone meal and end up "pigging" out.  The good thing about the Zone is that it is guilt-free.  The next day I can get back on the Zone bandwagon and within a few days any weight gain from holiday eating usually comes off. 


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