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Kids in the Zone
Childhood obesity is on the rise! 

Kids in the Zone

Childhood obesity is on the rise.  The main reason is high insulin levels!  What causes high insulin levels?  If you answered too many carbohydrates, you are correct.

From early on in a child’s life he or she is either weaned from the breast or bottle to baby pablum which is nothing but refined carbohydrates.  Once the child grows a little, he or she is then given breakfast cereals, fruit juices, white bread, pasta, rice, bananas etc. with not much emphasis on protein (especially fish).  Fast food restaurants have also become a way of eating for our children.  High insulin levels coupled with sitting in front of Nintendo games is wreaking havoc on our children’s health. 

Many childhood illnesses are stemming from high insulin levels and lack of Omega-3 fatty acids ie asthma, attention deficit disorder, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Here are some tips for incorporating more protein into your child’s diet:
  • Firstly, find proteins that he or she will eat
  • Cut up fruits and serve with mozzarella cheese strings
  • Serve 2% milk as a balanced Zone snack
  • Serve vegetables with a cheese sauce
  • Add protein powder to slow cooking oatmeal or applesauce
  • Prepare shakes with frozen berries and protein powder
  • Prepare home made soups adding protein ie chicken or ham
  • Prepare Zone desserts ie Zone fudge or freeze the brain shake into popsicles
  • Supplement your child’s diet with pharmaceutical grade fish oil 
  • Slowly introduce the concept of exercise into your child’s lifestyle.  This can be accomplished by enrolling him or her in swimming, figure skating, hockey, soccer, dancing.  Make it FUN for them.  What do you have to lose other than some extra body fat :o)

To calculate your child’s protein requirements assume that they have 10% body fat when calculating their lean body mass.  Their activity factor should then be increased by two levels.  This will ensure that adequate protein is being supplied for growth spurts.

Remember kids are great imitators of their parents so the best way to get him or her in the Zone is to set an example yourself. 

Zone Appetit!


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